Message from Superintendent

March 7, 2018

오늘 장학사(Superintendent)로부터 전체 이메일을 한통 받았네요. 그 중 눈에 띄는 내용이 있었는데,,,

Our goal as an elementary school district is to promote student learning in an environment that supports social-emotional well-being and physical health. Participation in events that are being proposed in the media, such as protests and walkouts, may increase the sense of fear and anxiety among our younger students and would create additional safety concerns in ensuring sufficient supervision.

We do however respect our students’ interests and desires to express their feelings and exercise their right to Free Speech. In response to the considerations of the age-appropriate needs of students in grades TK-8, site and district staff will not be promoting or encouraging students to participate in walkouts or protests. Our site administrators will, however, support students who share with them that they would like to have their views be heard. At the middle school levels, student leadership groups have expressed to their principals that they would like to safely and respectfully express their feelings. Our middle school principals, Randy Martino and Todd Feinberg, will be working with students on safe and appropriate ways for students to have their voices be heard.

– Denise Clay, Superintendent

한국의 학창시절을 보낸 저에겐 충격이었네요. ‘겨우 십대 초반의 꼬맹이가..’ 란 생각을 하기 쉬운 중학생의 의사표현을 존중하고, 귀 기울이고, 그 의견이 전달되도록 힘쓰겠다는 말이, 비록 말뿐일 순 있겠지만, 낯설게 들리면서도 감동이었네요.

한국의 학생들은 많은 시간을 의견이 묵살되는 것을 경험해 왔죠. 저 또한 그런 모습을 빈번히 보아왔구요. 그런 시간을 거치면서 저에게 자연스레 어린 아이의 의견은 무시해도 된다는 생각이 자리잡게 되었던 것 같네요. 두 아이를 돌보면서 하나의 인격체로 대하지 못했으니까요.

반성하고 고쳐나가야 할 부분입니다. 아이에게 가르칠 것은 가르쳐야 하는 게 부모의 의무이지만, 가르친다는 이유로 아이의 모든 말보다 부모의 말이 우선이 될 순 없는것인데, 그러지 못했네요.

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